Public downloads of Harmonia backtests

Download Automatic Trading Performance Report

Our performance report for the period May to September 2022 is available! We will show you some automatic strategies applied with our indicator as well as the analysis of profits/losses to give you an idea of the power of our indicator.

This document is confidential. To acquire it, you will have to contact us and prove that you are involved in a financial institution (reserved for professionals).

Download our ETH/USD backtests

We are transparent. We offer you to download the history of our indicator for the month of August 2022 for free and without any authentication.

If you want more backtest data (up to 5 months), contact us!

CSV Document

SHA256 : 5cb046d509a66b611689d2e1adc055d414e976506f4325d76837fe0431b96c8a

XLSX Document

SHA256: 3b225ffdb60575f29ffac275934ca964c94c9804ccd7f60fcde5b95563c5be82

Access an online interactive viewer

Do you want to quickly view our data online? Access the data directly online: