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Data gathering

Model training dates

Start – Undisclosed

Start of data collection

There are enough data sources available and the data is relevant to start training.

October 30th, 2021

End of Training phase

1B+ data has been used to train the AI model from undisclosed date to 30th October 2021. Now the model learns and tries to fit our objective of perfect prediction with these market data.

April 4th 2022

End of validation phase

We evaluate the performance of the neural network on new data from 30th October to 4th April 2022. We select the best model from over 200+ generated DNN models for commercialisation, thanks to our unique autoDNN technology that creates dynamic DNN model


Production phase

The model delivers consistent predictions from 4th April 2022 that can be used for backtesting.

Harmonia, concretely

Data output format

Display of the prediction history using TradingView. The coloured arrows represent the variation of the indicator over 5m, the pink and blue diamonds represent divergences in 5m between the price and the indicator.
Harmonia and ichimoku indicator with TradingView note that values for the candle is 15 sec after the candle opens.

How to use Harmonia values

How to get Harmonia ?

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Harmonia for Retail


Harmonia for Companies

  • If you wish to use SAAS partner and your company has equal to or more than 1 million euros in annual revenue worldwide.
  • If you wish to use our direct billing with us with API REST and want to use it with commercial purpose

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