Harmonia Presentation

Harmonia, the new generation of crypto technical indicator

Blockchain Elite is proud to present you after 1 year of R&D in neural networks its new software for professionals: Harmonia.

The software uses data from the crypto-currency markets and provides a prediction at regular intervals between “-1” (prediction of a bearish situation) and “1” (prediction of a bullish situation). This prediction is made using a complex neural network:

Harmonia Training Pipeline

Access Harmonia

Special Offer ! Until September 4, 2023, take advantage of the harmonia real-time indicator with all backtest data free of charge thanks to our reseller partner Runbot.IO. We invite you to read their article on integrating Harmonia into their infrastructure!

Do you sell signals to your clients? Do you offer analysis data to your traders?

Resellers and Distributors, Harmonia is available now as a real-time API for your customers.

Integrate an AI-powered product into your infrastructure to sell to your customers, or transform it yourself to improve your signals. As a reseller or distributor, we can offer you real-time data to your infrastructure for redistribution to end users via your servers and tools. Together we agree on a profit share from the resale of the data.

Do not hesitate to contact us .

Who is the tool for?

This tool is aimed for semi-professional and professional traders. Its structure has been trained to be relevant in 5m and 15m timeframes.

Harmonia helps traders make better decisions by improving their win ratio on a set trade:

  • We help you confirm trends, improve the probability of a rise or fall on key points.
  • It is up to you to analyze the market, with this help, before making your decisions.

As it is currently available, Harmonia gives you a prediction on the ETH-USD market every 5 minutes. It will soon be available on other markets (like BTC, DOGE, ADA, etc…)

Presentation of the tool

The data is generated by the AI every 5 minutes. You can then display the prediction history on a curve such as an RSI or MACD. Please note that it is not meant to be traded as an oscillator.

Display of the prediction history using TradingView. The colored arrows represent the variation of the indicator over 5m, the pink and blue diamonds represent divergences in 5m between the price and the indicator.

After performance tests with a panel of traders who were able to test the application, the use of the indicator and the creation of “signals” can be done according to several strategies:

  • Exceeding a specified force (absolute value > 0.1)
  • Potential rollover areas (absolute value > 0.3)
  • Patterns detection in the history (ie: double bottoms)

Please note that the strategies depend on the overall market trend. The indicator is particularly effective in range periods and in detecting the beginning of trends. You can easily find your own strategy to apply to the indicator!

Below is an example of how this works. The green or red lines on the price indicate the precise moments when the indicator exceeds the value 0.1, which therefore represents a buy or sell signal.

Note also that the signals appear at the opening of the candle and not at its closing!

Harmonia and ichimoku indicator with TradingView
Second example with a rebound on a reversal zone and beginning of a bullish phase

Access to historical data for backtesting

You are interested in the tool, but you doubt its effectiveness?

We are transparent about our results and performance. Therefore, we propose you to contact us for free to ask for a complete history of our results over several months (CSV files + jupyter-notebook for graphic visualization).

You will then be able to adapt your strategy to improve your performance with Harmonia before subscribing.

If you want to have a quick look, we offer public access to the complete April 2023 predictions: