About Us

The Blockchain Elite project

Our company starts it journey in Toulouse (Southern France). Initially offering help in the Ethereum Blockchain technology. Nowadays, Blockchain-Elite is offering data premium service to financial institutions.

After a year of research in the field of artificial intelligence (through neural networks), we are now able to offer new services for financial institutions in trading assistance, with our new flagship project named Harmonia.

The Team

Adrien Barbanson
CEO - IT manager

I am currently studying cybersecurity engineering at INSA Toulouse. In 2017, I've (re)discovered the world of blockchains, and more specifically the Ethereum technology. Then, I trained myself in Solidity language in order to fully understand the blockchain system and to be able to interact with it.

I am now interested on cryptocurrency trading for months. I have decided in September 2021, with Alexandre Bertin, to create a tool mixing AI and crypto market data in order to have a unique and state of the art tool. The goal is to get the most relevant information to better adapt my trading strategies.

My role is the commercial interaction with the companies willing to get the data of the indicator and the whole computer part. I also assist Alexandre Bertin in the design of neural networks and AI training.

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Alexandre Bertin
IA Researcher

I graduated as an engineer in applied mathematics from INSA Toulouse. Because i love mathematics since I was a child, being an engineer in this field was an obvious choice. Since 2 years, I dedicate my mathematical expertise in problem solving. During an internship, I developed an artificial intelligence that detects certain back diseases on MRIs involving medical and technical knowledge. Through this internship, I personally understood the possible opportunities that this disruptive technology could offer.

From a common passion, Adrien Barbanson and I set out to design a tool to help cryptocurrency traders make better decisions. This tool is based on the latest research in AI (state of the art). Assisted by Adrien Barbanson in the development of the first neural networks, I mainly deal with the development of better mathematical models to propose better signals. My role is to ensure the research and development part of the project.

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